“My God turns my darkness into light.”

Psalm 18:28

Hello, and welcome to Pointe to Christ. I am glad that you have stumbled upon this cozy corner of the internet. I’m Eleanor, and I’m on simple yet seemingly impossible mission: to change the world. In a world full of darkness I found a light that cannot be dimmed, and that light is found in my Savior, Jesus. I believe that if we found that light, there’s nothing that can stop us from spreading it! It’s contagious!

You can read about me, and my story here.

Why God? I have seen God in marvelous ways, and He has changed my life. If you haven’t experienced God for yourself: Click me! What Jesus can do to our stories is so beautiful, everyone needs to hear about it!

Will you join me? I hope the words on this page bring you closer to our heavenly Father, bring a smile to your beautiful face, and help you to feel the incomparable peace, joy, and light found in Christ. Here, I hope you feel inspired as you walk through your story of life. Every ounce of this big story has meaning, has purpose, and you are part of it. Never forget that you and I have this incredible power within us to change the world. Join me in rebelling against normal, being a light in the darkness, a hope for the hopeless, and an encouragement for the lost. If you are a hopeless or lost, I hope these words bring light and hope to your heart. Go, and be the light, find the light, and live like nothing else matters.