Through It All

Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on You. Through it all, through it all, it is well. -Bethel Music (It Is Well) Through Camp I was a CIT (counselor in training) this year at camp Ao-Wa-Kiya for a week. A church that I’m involved with runs it, and we take campers from … More Through It All

I Stand For Life

No law can give me the right to do what is wrong. Abraham Lincoln It is heartbreaking to know that something as unacceptable and horrific as abortion is being celebrated. If you read my blog, you might have read this post (here’s the link), which laid out my thoughts about being pro-life. As abortion is … More I Stand For Life

Life Is Precious

A person is a person no matter how small. Dr. Suess Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Proverbs 31:8 If we honored each baby aborted since 1973 with a moment of silence, we would be silent for over 100 years. Unknown Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about … More Life Is Precious


Originally posted on Young Ladies for Christ:
Hope. It seems as if we’re all searching for it, but we can never find it. We search for hope in things that will, in the end, make us longing for more hope. What do you hope for? I’ve seen people and I myself have hoped for health,…